–WOW– Opened:Digital Billboard trend in online advertising…

Hi Dear World Marketers,

Hop onto the NEW advertising method – Digital Billboards can not be missed!
THIS is the predicted worldwide trend in advertising.

A “Digital Billboard” is a large advertising space (online OR offline) that changes what it is advertising. AOL offers this type of advertising and some other sites, but its still NEW. It’s absolutely new in this arena!

There is MONEY to be made when catching REAL AND NEW trends.

– The most money is made when something new is online.
(I mean completely new – there isn’t 2000 website copies of the idea)

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Thank you for your time,

After Nearly 20 Years On Net Having To Start Afresh.

Up till a month ago I was the proud owner of 10 Text Ad Exchanges all going strong. Now I have none thanks to hackers who hacked and corrupted the databases beyond repair and a host who went bust without giving any prior notice. So nothing is left and as the title of this blog states I have no alternative but to start afresh and this isn’t the first time it has happened to me and I am inclined to shout at the top of my voice, ‘Why me, indeed, Why me?’ All that money,and lots of it, down the drain, not to mentions the tremendous amount of hours and all those efforts, nothing to show for it nothing at all.

I hope that this new venture I am about to embark upon will prove to be more fruitful and far more longer lasting than before. I have no doubt I will make a resounding success of it all, that I am absolutely sure of because I have done it in the past and can do it again.

So all of you out there look out for  http://www.soloadsforyou.com as this site will explode your sales and profits beyond your wildest dreams and will bring you the success you have been longing for until now.

Thank you very much for reading this blog.